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DN Sea – Highlights of my DN-ing o1

I like to record down funny or memorable moments while gaming, and Dragon Nest has a great deal of such moments.

Oh, and an update on my progress towards One-Man Army Sergeant, I just got the Champion title! Now only getting to level 39 and the ‘A Lone wolf’ title left!

DN Sea – A glimpse at the Six Heroes

It’s a bit inaccurate because I only managed to get the screenshots of five. Barnac is sadly missing because I didn’t realize earlier that I can cancel the quest dialog and make them stand there and be my models, ohohoho.

If you are interested to see it for yourself in the game, Kayleen’s anti-aging serum quest (the quest name was fermentation something?) and Stella’s ‘Karacule is so awesome’ quests are the ones you should do.

PS. Ruins of Lost Time is such a pain in the ass to run.

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