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Notes to self about Playstation 3 backup restore

So my precious first generation 60GB backward-compatible Playstation 3 got its second YLOD (Yellow Light of Doom) a few days ago and it looks like it’s dying for good. It gave us the YLOD  for the first time around less than a month ago, and we managed to revive it using this solder reflow method but it is only a temporary fix. Everything I read on the net says that even if a PS3 that has YLOD has been fixed with the better fix of solder reballing, it’s still just on life support and the second YLOD just confirmed it.

So I’m now looking for a new PS3 to replace the dying/dead one, and also searching for the best methods to get my game data and save files from the old one to the new one (especially the save data, since I don’t have Playstation Plus). There’s a few things I noticed when researching, and this blog post is actually my notes to self to see things more clearly and list the things I should do or note later.

Of course, if this posts helps more people than just me, it’s a pleasant bonus.

* Note, I don’t have those rental videos and copy-righted video downloads so there’s a lot lesser things I need to pay attention to. If you have those, read the articles/posts/guides I linked to and take note. Best to google and get your own confirmation.

Melkco Slimme casing for HTC Flyer

The Melkco Slimme Cover casing for my HTC Flyer arrived today and I am loving it so much. Definitely worth the price and the shipping time was a reasonable wait. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

There’s this one interesting thing I observed though. It has some magnets on the cover so that it can form a stand to prop the tablet up horizontally, and when I pressed the cover fully against the back of the tablet, one of the magnets will cause the auto screen orientation function to stop working.

On Tablets & e-book readers

When I was younger, still in secondary school some nine years ago, I wondered why books cannot be in a digital format and we will be able to carry them in lightweight handheld book sized devices. How nice will it be, if all textbooks, homework and notes can be contained within it so all we have to carry about is that one device, and we can stop killing trees too. Best is if we can write directly on it, that would be even more convenient.

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