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FFXIV.SS #14 – Island Paradise

I’ve always been keeping up with my Island Sanctuary casually, thanks to the Overseas Casual discord server, so I have more than enough cowries. And because I managed to save up the experience from the Taskmaster, I got to Rank 14 shortly after patch release. And voilà!

Also, who can forget this precious little friend.

A most dapper little gentleman!

FFXIV.SS #13 – Elezen

I don’t use Fantasia often, but my Warrior of Light (WoL) has been a Miqo’te, an Au’Ra and a Viera. It happened that I volunteered to change appearance to help a friend out, and when it came time to change back, I decided she wasn’t going to stay as a (often hat-less) rabbit anymore.

Meet my Elezen lady.

Isn’t she a beauty?

Here’s what she looked like before as a bunny girl.

It’s a little funny. My WoL has always had some wardrobe limitations for the previous races.

The Miqo’te couldn’t wear many hats and earrings well, while the Au’Ra girl’s hair hid the majority of circlets and earrings, and wore many hats poorly too. Their petite frames also meant many armor and big robes felt bulky and I didn’t like that. Yet, I couldn’t find another hairstyle that I like to change to.

My Viera, well, the majority of the hats are invisible but she’s got the build to absolutely slay in so much of the clothes that my WoL previously couldn’t wear. My glamour dresser was bursting every now and then.

Now, my Elezen has none of the issues (except the bursting glamour dresser part)! I look forward to finding (and acquiring) the nice hats again. ^_^

FFXIV.SS #12 – Valentione’s G’raha Tia

I had the opportunity to join my fellow G’raha Tia lovers in a Art Party and so I took some screenshots of the lovely catboy who is dressed up with the newest clothes from the event, in the beautifully decorated FC house.

Bonus! An absolute angel!

FFXIV.SS #11 – The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon

Recently went treasure hunting with friends and entered The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon instance and my goodness, this place is so pretty!

FFXIV.SS #10 – Magical Il Mheg

I was flying through Il Mheg to do my Miner’s Crystalline Mean quests and the colors of this place is just astoundingly beautiful. Reshade is used to make the colors pop a little more but even without, it’s still a gorgeous area.

FFXIV.SS #09 – Moonfire Faire

Moonfire Faire has returned to Eorzea! Again it’s at Costa del Sol and the beautiful beachside fireworks view is back!

With the new desktop I have, it also means that I can install Reshade again and take beautiful screenshots that I don’t have to use Photoshop on.

This year’s event features an epic fight between a bombard and a giant shark on two legs. Players have to dance to aid the bombard in defeating the shark and it’s just such a movie scene lol.

The reward from the event is a beautiful Hawaiian-inspired clothing set.

Screenshot of my Viera character with a dark-skinned light-haired Elezen female NPC in Lavender Beds. Reshade is used to take this photo.
Found a lovely Elezen NPC lady to take photo with in Lavender Beds.

FFXIV.SS #08 – Otter Friend

(A short story that didn’t happen, but sure looks like it did.)
It happened a while back. We had a… disagreement. It was probably over something small.
But it got heated, and so he left.

Finally got my Abroader Otter! I’ve been wanting one since it was announced, and handed my partner (our FC’s voyage master) with the mission to bring it home. It took him a very long while, because we didn’t have a single submarine for our FC then. But thanks to his effort and with the help of the other FC mates, we are starting to get Abroader Otters now!

I immediately brought mine to a beach to take screenshots and got these ones. 😀 Plus a bonus photo!

Screenshot of the Abroader Otter on a rock on the beach of The Mist, with a photo frame.
(Continuation of the imaginary short story)
Today I opened the mailbox, and saw a single photo inside. No words, no addresses, just a photo. But I know, we are alright now.

FFXIV.SS #07 – Orbonne Monastery 02

I wanted to post this set of screenshots weeks ago, after this set, but couldn’t quite managed to get myself to sit down and edit them until now.

These are the screenshots with my character in Orbonne Monastery, and is less about the scenery and more about the mood. Feels like my character went on an adventure to an amazing place, doesn’t it?

FFXIV.SS #06 – Orbonne Monastery 01

I happened to chance upon a Twitter post for a player organized event in FFXIV, where the objective is to enter Orbonne Monastery for the sole purpose of taking screenshots. It would be interesting, I thought, and it was always such a pity that in usual raid runs, we couldn’t stop to admire the scenery. So I signed up, and had more fun than I expected.

We went in unsynced with a total of 11 people and it went kind of smoothly at first. Then some time into the second boss fight, certain mechanics made it so much harder by killing two out of three alliance due to not having enough people to deal with it properly. Still, we managed to defeat them and the third boss, and then it was free time to take screenshots until the timer runs out and we could leave at any time.

For this post, I picked these four screenshots for the atmosphere they portrayed, and did some slight editing (basically just applying filters) to bring out the colors. Next week I’ll post another five screenshots. 😀 This time, with my character in them.

FFXIV.SS #05 – Couple

Happened to have a tender moment with my chocobo partner, who match my Red Mage clothes beautifully.

Screenshot taken when I was in Ala Mhigo area, doing my level 80 Red Mage job quest. The sky is just gorgeous in this game.

PS. I’ll try to remember to post more regularly.

FFXIV.SS #04 – Fly me to the Moon

Some time ago, got my pig with wings during a beautiful night.

This screenshot was taken around a month ago, when I was doing Pixie Beast Tribe quests.

FFXIV.SS #03 – Good friend

Was in Mor Dhona to do my Culinarian Class Quest and met a good friend.

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