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FB Integration

I tried the plugin ‘Facebook Page Publish‘ but I don’t know if I screwed up a setting somewhere or there’s some new changes in the backend of Facebook, but the links I shared could not be seen by others.

So, I’m now testing the plugin released by Facebook for WordPress. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

*Update* Apparently, I made a colossal mistake when setting app privacy. Argh, can I blame that on my inner paranoia parrot?

Changes coming up, maybe

Not big ones, just trying to tie in some social media elements for easier access. Things may go a bit nutty at times, but I’m working on it!


1) I have switched the comment system over to Jetpack Comments system so visitors can now login to their Facebook, Twitter and accounts to comment. Convenient eh?

2) There’s now a Facebook page for Apathetic Moon! I made it for social media integration purposes, but feel free to drop in and chat with me~

Look out for more changes~

Facebook’s new changes

Every now and then, when the team behind Facebook decided to implement big changes to the way it looks or the way it works, the whole world go nuts briefly before the grumbles died and life goes on. Yesterday was one of such time. When Timeline (why does it remind me of Memolane so much?) is rolled out, I expect there to be another stir on the Internet.

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