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Silly mistakes not to repeat when making cosplay props #2

Really need to stop making stupid mistakes. This one cost me a lot of time cleaning up after it.

Handle fabric dye in places which are super easy to clean in case of mishaps. And water soluble packet means don’t handle with wet gloves!

The dye packet’s packaging started dissolving in different spots and before I realized, there’s a hole at the bottom and I got fabric dye on my bedroom floor. Good thing I was very close to the bathroom when it happened.

The only good news is that the purple looks like the color I was going for after all.

Silly mistakes not to repeat when making cosplay props #1

A lesson to my future self, a reminder in case my memory cleared its own cache again:

DO NOT use brown marker on white surface to outline shape that needs to be painted with gold (or any) acrylic paint.

Use whatever marker is closest color available. Heck, go outside and buy a marker of the same color (and get some fresh air). The reason is because the brown was a huge pain in the butt to cover up, and managed to dye the area near it orange or pink, depending on the paint. It severely lengthened the painting process.

Gonna be busy for this week, because I’m required to work one extra day this week and on my only off-day, I’m cosplaying during TGX. My whole week is going to be dedicated preparing for the cosplay, so no DN for me for a while. 🙁

That also means the detailed guide for the new titles won’t be out soon. 🙁 🙁

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