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Nanoblock Charmander!

Boyfriend’s Charmander! It has a beautiful but unstable tail to balance its adorably oversized head.

What are you doing, Char?

Nanoblock Pikachu!


Eevee’s new friend, Pikachu. Looks like a puppy from the front though…

New toy, Nanoblock!


Isn’t Eevee cute?

Omgiosh! Persona Tarot Cards!

Source: More Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Merchandise: Trading Cards

I was searching for images for the Persona roleplay I’m running when I find that Persona 3 has these Trading Cards and it makes my hand itch for my wallet.

Bushiroad’s TCG for girls – Alice Cross

I got into around a month ago (the week Mascot Parade took place in Singapore) and it really appeals to my bishonen-loving self. I initially didn’t know it’s a TCG when I bought the Togainu no Chi’s Alice X Cross Trading Card Game starter pack for my sister, although I did suspect that it’s not some normal collecting cards. Then the shopkeeper opened the door to that world to me.

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