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Getting rid of pesky Photoshop registration pop-up

How to Stop the Registration From Showing on Startup in Photoshop CS2

I had to reinstall my Photoshop after upgrading to Windows 10 (yes, I succumbed to it finally) and again, had to deal with the registration form that kept popping up. Luckily I remembered this article and managed to vanquish it a second time, muahaha! Bye bye, irritating pop-up!

It is looking really good, although I’m using the Android app and there are some minor bugs, but the new features! The clean layout! I’m in love!

Can’t wait to check out the website version and desktop client when I get home.

Lost of precious tools

Today, I was trying to find an Excel file with a VBA macro that I wrote. Its purpose is to automate the process of listing all the topics in a section of a forum I moderated into html files, so that I can save them all easily from that list with DownThemAll instead of going through each of them and repeat the steps of saving and renaming. Then I discovered that I could not find the file. Then realized that none of my Excel files with macros in them (I refer to them affectionately as my tools) are anywhere to be found in the system and I am certain I did not delete any of them.

A Bad Computer Day

After going through a day which happened to be Valentine’s Day but I spent part of it getting carsick and throwing up, then reaching home to promptly fall asleep at eight something P.M., I woke up at 7 this morning, feeling quite alright.

It’s a good nice beginning for a day, but things continued to de-rail from that point.

Tabs all around!

For programs, I mean. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. If you are like me whose desktop has dozens of file explorer windows, MSN messenger windows and text files cluttering your desktop and making it difficult and tedious to find things, this post is for you. These are tab related add-ons and programs that will help to cut down the clutter and allow you to work from just one interface.

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