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Turn the Sky, by Angelzoom feat Apocalyptica

(link updated: 30th Aug 2021)

What’s more hilarious is I saw this on a cross-posted entry at my Livejournal and noticed, for the very first time, that it features Apocalyptica. And I found this song way before I got into Apocalyptica, lol. The world works in damn weird ways.

Apocalyptica, Cello Metal ftw!

Lol, I couldn’t wait until I get a live site up before I write this. I’m so freaking hooked on Apocalyptica right now, I can’t stop listening to their music. In fact, I can’t stop watching their videos on youtube, and the minute I find a music store with their albums, I’m going to buy at least one. Gods, addiction at its best.

It doesn’t really help that the guys who make up the band are so freaking cute/hawt in their own way. Eicca and Perttu are my favorites now (can’t really help it, the bishounen lover in me wants me to see nice looking guys more often). Eicca has the cutest laughter, Perttu seems to like having his shirts off and his tongue sticking out of his mouth quite a bit (it almost looks like he’s going to lick his cello in Somewhere Around Nothing video). Their hair flies a lot during the videos. I love Perttu’s look (he has too many while Eicca and Paavo barely changes) when in the Hope Vol. 2 video… actually I think the band looks the best in that video (especially Eicca, who looks almost pretty).

Most of all, I like the way they love what they are doing. It’s wonderful. And I can’t really resist modern music done with classical instrument, especially the strings type with deep melancholic sounds.

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