This is mostly meant for my Twitch regulars / viewers and I was going to post it on Discord. Then I posted it (as four separate messages too) and realize I wrote too much and it’s better as a blog post that I can also share to Twitter as well. ^^;

There are quite a few topics I want to talk about, so bear with me here.

Stream announcements

1. Celebration Month/Stream

September is usually the Celebration Month for my Twitch channel, to celebrate a number of things such as my Twitch Affiliate Anniversary (which is actually in August) and my birthday in September.

To be very honest, every year I’m stressed out about it. This year is no exception, and also because my being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is making it increasingly tired and uncomfortable to sit for long, it is hard to plan for a long stream or something too demanding.

So I’m thinking of just doing a simple Celebration stream on 21 September 2021 (Mid-Autumn Festival again lol! It’s practically tradition now), 3 hours in the afternoon timeslot. Instead of the play-with-viewer kind of games I did in the last few years, I’ll be playing “Cats Organized Neatly” which is a cute relaxing puzzle game and we can chat while doing that.

So it’ll be :

21 Sept 2021 (Tues), 2.30pm (Singapore Time UTC+8)
Celebration stream, playing Cats Organized Neatly

2. Extra Long Stream Break

For now until end of Sept, I won’t be doing any weekday streams other than the Celebration Stream. There are various reasons, but the biggest is simply I’m just too often not in the condition to stream properly. So the Legend of Mana Remastered streams will sadly be paused for now, and I will continue those after I’m ready to restart game streaming.

The weekend nighttime FFXIV streams will continue until 26th Sept because I’m still doing some raiding with friends and FC/guild for a couple more weeks.

Then I’ll be taking an Extra Long Stream Break aka my maternity break from 27th Sept onward, for at least a few months.

This way I can focus on myself and my family until we are all more settled and I have the time and attention for other things. I won’t put a date on when I’ll return from the break, I don’t want to give myself unnecessary stress. I’ll be keeping in touch and posting updates via my Discord server so that is the best place for the latest news from me.

During the time I’m on break, please feel free to stop subscribing to the Twitch channel, since I will not be streaming for a while. In addition, I’m looking to move to another streaming platform called ‘Altair’ after I return.

Regardless, I’m very thankful for all the support that I have been given so far. The love I’ve been shown has kept me going all this time.

3. Ko-fi support

If you wish to continue supporting me financially outside of Twitch, during the break or in the future as a less Twitch/stream centric option, I now have a Ko-fi page. I’m trying it out now that there is a monthly donation option.

Another confession. I have never been comfortable with asking people to support me with their money. I’m not in desperate need of money like a lot of others, but the extra cash has definitely and will continue to help with my personal expenses, especially now with a baby joining the family soon.

And I honestly don’t know what I have to offer to make supporting via Ko-fi or Paylah!QR (yes, this is also an alternative, but no monthly recurring options) equal to or better than a Twitch subscription, so I need some help figuring things out.

So possible perks… Maybe quick 5-10 minute doodles? I’m open to suggestions regarding this. There are Ko-fi Membership tiers that I can set up too, but that makes me feel even more lost.

In any case, I’ve added a bit of Discord integrations so there are roles linked, but since I haven’t gotten the perks or benefits worked out, so at this stage it’s just something that could be useful in the future.

Or we can wait until Altair is up and running. 🙂

4. Future of my streams/channel

So, about Altair. I’m thinking of gradually moving from Twitch to this upcoming streaming platform called ‘Altair‘. I’ve been following its development and it’s looking promising as a place where I can feel mentally safe to stream at.

I’ll post more about it later, probably in the next few weeks as another blog post, because I’m still organizing my thoughts about it.

Discord server announcements

5. Roles in Discord

Some time (months?) ago, I changed the colors for some of the Discord Roles in my little server so that I have an easier time seeing the connection between the Roles and bots/services they are connected to. If any color is hard to read, let me know, I’ll tweak it.

6. House cleaning for the Bots

I’m talking about the Discord and stream ones that I use, not the bad Twitch ones. The Discord music bots Groovy and Rythm can no longer be used so I’ll have to figure out something for future Jukebox sessions. In the meantime I’ll be removing them.

I thought about removing Tatsu bot because I kept forgetting about it but after poking at it for a bit, I think I’ll leave it be.

For the stream/Twitch bots, I was going to move the currency (Gald, not Channel Point) and related mini-games from Streamlabs to StreamElements, but considering I keep forgetting about them and they don’t really get used much, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. So, I’m not touching them now when I have a lot of other things to worry about.

However, when I return from my long break and move from Twitch, these systems and a lot of the features/functions I added for my streams may all no longer work, and so by then there will definitely be some big changes.

If there are mini-games or functions you guys will definitely miss if they are gone, let me know and I know I’ll look forward to twiddling with stuff to see how I can keep them around.

I think that’s all for now. I actually spent quite a while writing this post and posted it later than I intended to (the Celebration stream is happening tomorrow omg!), but these are what is going to happen for my Twitch channel, Discord server and my thoughts behind the decisions.

Thanks for reading and for the support as always~