I’ve got the coding part of implementing Post Format into the theme done, so it’s more or less the design part now. Instead of having a huge If Else chunk in the middle of many templates, I decided to use the method introduced in Even Smarter Post Formats.

I made a lot of changes to Color Paper, so many that I wonder how I’m going to revert some of those changes for if I want to release. For my website, I didn’t want to have the Post Format icons change color along with the style switcher, although I managed to make it work.

I’m still a little clueless on how exactly I want each of the different Post Format to display for their individual single pages. Especially Status, because of how short its content is. And I’m wondering if I’ll use some of the Post Formats I’ve activated. Ah well, I’ll just set them all up now, then when I want to use them, I won’t have to dig into the codes to activate them or something.

… I think that kind of thinking is exactly why I am a packrat. -_-;;