Most of the additions have to do with comments. The most prominent is the CAPTCHA, because I have a rather rampant spam problem. Another is that comments posted will not need approval before they show up and visitors’ comments can be edited within a certain period of time.

Another thing, which is kind of really odd bug.

I noticed that some of my themes couldn’t be previewed in the Appearance page. Then I noticed that the URL has a space in it. I went into FTP and renamed the folders containing the themes and they worked!

Then I saw that somebody has already discovered the fix to this problem (surely it can’t happen to only me, right?). It only happened for themes that were not downloaded from the Official Theme Depository, and were uploaded via WP’s theme uploader. I wonder in this case if it’s WP’s engine not checking the unzipped content properly or user’s fault for not verifying the folder structure first before uploading.

I know I said I should be doing my assignment but even after uploading the userstyles, I still felt like I’ve got tons of things in my head wanting attention, so I continued tackling those small tasks. I think I’ll refrain from touching the computer tomorrow. I kinda need the break anyway. ^^