YAAAY!! Apathetic Moon looks much much more like its old self now! I realized what went wrong after hours of digging into the Twenty Ten and Color Paper templates, and it’s my own stupidity that screwed up the whole theme. T_T On the bright side, there are a few small improvements. ^^ Not very visible, but they are there. 😀

Of course, a lot of customizations are not back yet, but not Miku clock is back. O(≧∇≦)O She is one of the first widgets to be added, because that’s how wonderful she is.

I’m aiming to get most of the stuff back by the end of the month. Not soon-ish, because I have to work on my assignment, which is, of course, much more important. Which also means that the improving of the theme will have to wait. Some of what I’m planning to do:

  • Add Custom Menu functionality
  • Add post format support (when WordPress 3.1 is out)
  • Get the options page in the backend to actually work (like the tabbed menu part)

I think I should also check out how exactly Featured Image works and see how I can use it. I think these will really make the theme even better than it already is. ^^