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I’ve been reading about it for a while, and finally got to updating the sites. It’s a major update to the media uploading section, and it’s promising to be so much better. So far nothing seems broken, but I will continue keeping an eye out.

What’s interesting, is the Jetpack update. Publicize seems to be the post to social network thing on and I was looking for something similar some time ago (and still wasn’t very happy with the one I found). Gonna try it out later when I have the time.

Post by email, well that one is interesting. I haven’t been able to get my WordPress for Android app working with my multisite installation so I couldn’t blog on the go. Will be exploring this too.

Jetpack just seems to get better and better, especially now that I don’t have to de-spam the comments so often.


Busy peasy beesy, and happy holidays!


Guild first SDN clear!


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