I came online today to find that my websites were auto-redirecting to a webarh.com, which was blocked by Google for being a malicious site (thank goodness!). It caused the whole load of my hosted images to not load (possibly because they were being blocked) and my websites to not be displayed. Thankfully, with the help of the almighty Google and other experts (links included below), and also several hours of staring at FileZilla and swearing at the screen, the problem has been fixed.

If you are facing the same problem, visit these pages. They really help. And change your FTP password and notify your webhost provider (about the problem not the password change), which I’m going to be doing shortly.

PS. Damnit, it seems my sites got hit with the redirect since 3rd December but I haven’t been online. šŸ™ Terribly sorry for whatever trouble this problem has caused for you, my dear readers.

Update @ 31st December 2010

Apparently, it hasn’t been fixed and I found more of the pesky inserts at a later date, which is when I promptly set up a redirect to a warning page so nobody gets implicated by this problem while I wipe the whole slate and start rebuilding it completely.