MMORPG #1 : Fiesta Online, Teva

(Quitted) A Fiesta casual player who started playing in 2007 and left in 2008. Recently started replaying her lower characters for KQ. Wonders if her Mage will ever make it to the next job advancement.

– – –

MMORPG #2 : MapleSEA, Bootes

(Quitted) A MapleSEA casual player who started playing in 2005 and left for a long time, and recently came back in 2008 and was shocked to find out that the strongest boss is no longer Crimson Balrog. At this point of time, her strongest character can still be 1 hit KO-ed by the Balrog. Loved playing Monster Carnival the most. Left again in year 2010.

– – –

MMORPG #3 : Dragon Nest SEA

(Quitted) A Force-user on the Majesty route, was amazingly finally a level 70 character (and the level cap had not raised yet then!). Is sad now that she cannot bully the Warrior Goblins. Struggled to keep playing after private guild became inactive, then finally quit at start of year 2015 after starting to play Final Fantasy XIV: ARR regularly.

– – –

MMORPG #4 : FF XIV: SHB, Hades server – Selceriar Lunaxiel

(active) A Miqo’te| Au Ra| Viera Bard who has journeyed to the First and became the Warrior of Darkness. Also the private Free Company’s designated Culinarian, and has since graduated from boiled eggs to level 50 dishes…

Character profile of Selceriar Lunaxiel

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*Last Updated: 6 August 2019