Also known as Dreams of Mirrors Online in English and 飛天歷險 in Chinese. The english global server is hosted by Aeria Games, but I’m playing on the Taiwan server. My sisters wanted to try it out after we have heard and read about it for quite some time, and now that the holidays are here, they decided to go ahead. It’s by Softstar Entertainment, the company that have some very famous Chinse RPG series that we have played before, such as 仙劍奇俠傳系列, 軒轅劍系列 and 大富翁系列 (also known as Richman, which Aeria has as well).

Registering for account is a breeze, downloading seems to take longer and its installer’s size is around 1GB at this point of time. My sisters had to use uTorrent to download and I think it took a few days (too preoccupied with NaNo to notice -_-; ). I had some problems getting the Chinese words to show properly, and even now there’s still some encoding problem for my PC, though Sui’s PC is fine.

So far I’m in the first city, level 8 Commoner and going around completing quests, and I really like it. I am enjoying it so much I was reluctant to log off and get two hours of sleep before I go for work, and I’m supposed to be rushing for my NaNoWrimo (around 40k words in 22 hours, lol) but my hands are itching to have the game installed into my laptop. Yes, my lagtop. It’s my first time playing an MMO in Chinese, so understanding the controls isn’t quite as instinctive as in English and I’m going to have to figure how to input Chinese words ingame, but so far so good. I wish the keys can be customizable but it’s not a big deal.

I have a feeling I’m going to be playing it for a while. Probably alongside MapleStory (occasionally Fiesta) and the dozen things I want to do regularly. Yup.