Some time ago, just when I was starting to run out of toys to buy in this game, I spotted posts in a Facebook group showing new stuff in Neko Atsume (ねこあつめ), and yep, there’s a new update! *pops confetti*

The new feature in this update is called “Makeover” but I like to call it alternate backyards. It can be accessed using the new icon at the bottom left corner, and you can buy new backyard designs with golden fishes. There’s a 50% discount coupon for the first backyard purchase!

After purchasing, you can choose which design to set as your current backyard and ta-da! You can now see the cats playing in different backyards! And you can set out the old toys you have already purchase, or buy some of the cute new toys.

It also seems that if you have already purchased the expansion, all the backyards will be expanded. And the setup of each backyard is saved separately so we can switch to another backyard as and when. How convenient!

More details from the update can be seen here at Nekoatsume ねこあつめ ver.1.2.0 released!, and there’s a slightly complicated guide for updating the Android version officially.

Or you can download the APK directly from (click) here. Personally I use QooApp to install and update so it was a fairly painless process. 🙂

Now let’s collect more kitties~!!

PS. It seems as of 21st April 2015, there’s another update 1.2.1 which is for bug fix.