I swear ASF is full of treasure sometimes. Or just plain helpful people with a lot of time and patience. I just found this topic with a truckload of information regarding Knights of Cygnus. I know I can probably find it all through google if I want to, but I’m lazy so I’m saving the link here first.

ASF topic : General Info of the Knights of Cygnus ,圣灵骑士团! (Release in Early June!!!)

So what is Knights of Cygnus? From what I understand, it’s a secondary character created with a link to an existing character, and their growth will affect each other. The secondary character known as an Order character will be of a different set of classes, the Cygnus Knights.

They start as Noblesse (pronounced No-bu-le-su), which is the equivalent of Beginner, then when they reach level 10, they become Apprentice Knights and do their first job advancement to become one of these five type of Knights: Soul Master, Flame Wizard, Wind Breaker, Nightwalker and Striker.

If you want to know more, click the link on top or just google ‘knights of cygnus’. Because it’s so new it is still waiting to be released in KMS server (a few days left, I read), I’m not particularly excited about it yet. I’m more excited about the Pink Bean boss, because it’s so incredibly cute.

Yes, that little thing there is Pink Bean. See what I mean?