That’s not the only nice thing out of this patch though it is definitely the cutest. I succumbed to the urged and bought one, lol. Now I have two adorable pets. Robo can be evolved but I like it better like this.

I only wish I have more time to play maple, now that my sisters got me playing Celestial Destroyer Online (aka Zhu Xian), lol. (Poor DOMO, when can I play you? ;_; )

Some of the other nice things in this patch are the Speed Quiz (more about the Speed Quiz below), Watermelon event (which is fun but it’s a jump quest and I hate jump quests) and the Master Monster series. I think there’s one or two of them Master Monsters with quests that I can do, yay! Leviathan is way out of my league though. ;_; But it looks so cool.

The major changes that aren’t quite as fun are the Delphinus and Eridanus world merge and the new anti-hack system, Hackshield. I’m not really affected by the merge since I play in Bootes, but there are a lot of mixed feelings about the merge and how the players were informed. Well, not everyone can be pleased and by nature, nobody really likes sudden changes.

As for Hackshield, I’ve read stuff that it’s easier to bypass than GameGuard so it means that there maybe more hackers (>.<; ), and is already starting to give players problems with an error or two. I don’t know if it’s related but it seems that Zakum and Horntail have been affected by some kind of bug that causes graphic abnormalities and disconnection. Sounds bad, fortunately I don’t do boss runs. Yet.

More about MapleStory Speed Quiz

Actually this is the real reason why I wrote this, lol. Because there are things I want to remember for the Speed Quiz.

So what is this Speed Quiz thing?

MapleStory Speed Quiz (Available until 25th March 2009)
Do you think you know MapleStory? Challenge yourself in this MapleStory Speed Quiz and answer the names of all 40 monsters or NPC images given to you! Available at Cassandra once in every 1 hr. A bonus EXP amount will be awarded to you based on the number of correct answers.

There’s an error with the official news detail though, it’s 50 questions, not 40. EXP is based on character’s level and number of correct answers. These are a few things to note to get more correct answers, or if you are wondering why your answer is wrong. Credits go to the posters in this ASF topic.

1) Press the ‘OK’ button, not the ‘Next’ button which will skip the question, regardless of whether you have written a correct answer or not.

2) Full name is necessary. All the ‘.’ and ‘-‘ too. Example, Roly-Poly.

3) (credits Dottoh of ASF) Spacing and caps can be ignored.

4) There are monster clones of NPCs as well as the NPCs themselves. Example, Eliza. There are also other similar (identical?) looking monsters.

5) Somebody saw an NPC that was out in JMS but never in MSEA, better hope you don’t see him (he has a Kino pet).

6) According to mrs.oro, Roly-Poly is always question no. 22 and according to *~ii-Slacker~*, they have numbers on them.

I think that’s all the tips, short of directly linking to NPC name lists. Google is your best friend for this. Let’s all try and get perfect 50! (For the heck of it, there’s not extra EXP for that though, shucks.)