Source : Game Client Patch and Cash Shop Update on 21/01

Wee, new patch tomorrow! And it’s the Chinese New Year patch for the Ox year. The Christmas event things will be removed so no more pesky encyclopedia, yay! Lucky for me, I got the ‘frozen thrones’ for my two mains, many thanks to my wonderful Bootes playing colleague who bought the snowpieces for me. ^^ I was afraid I couldn’t get the amount in time, but no more worrying now!

What I’m excited about is the release of Magatia, the Valentine’s Day event quests and the chairs. New map means more things to explore, and especially from what I read (source), with Magatia available, Item Maker will be available soon too. Which means that getting higher level equipment won’t be as troublesome as before (which to me really meants hunting for them, because I don’t do much trading). I like.

Now I face the same situation as the X’Mas patch. Much as I want to, I can’t play much for these few days since Chinese New Year is less than a week away and my room is untidy as heck! And I’m hoping to get the RP forum’s changes settled before February starts. Oh well, there’s always next month.

I wish everyone reading this a happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!