MapleSEA v0.63 patch was released on 9th October! This one is a big patch, with lots of new interesting stuff. It’s so much that I decided to make this entry to help remember some of the details not mentioned in the official patch notes and introduction to the Enhance features. Oh, I’m mostly referencing stuff found in the PlayPark forum Maple General Discussion and from sites I’m redirected from there. xD

*Added the (5) on 31th October~*

1) Equipments now have colours to represent how good they are! This is Pita‘s suggestion of what colour’s for what.

Grey – Below Average (for clean/scrolled)
White – Average (clean)
Orange – Average (scrolled)
Blue – Better than average (clean/scrolled)
Purple – Semi-godly scrolled
Yellow/Gold – Godly scrolled

2) Halloween Event quests! A pretty good guide by xDemiLovato. Not sure if it’s accurate though, gotta test it out later, since I’m already in the Haunted Mansion.

3) Guild Alliance, though nothing to do with me, but is probably a pretty neat feature for the guild people. If I ever get a guild, it may matter, so noted. πŸ˜€

4) Henesys now has Party Quest! It was out on Global, so I’ll just link to the guide @ Hidden Street.

5) Some of the Soft keyboard ingame were taken away, and to enter the 13 digits ID correctly (it’s case sensitive), will have to press the Caps Lock first.