Version 0.82 patch is the huge one with Neo Tokyo, which is that amazingly beautiful and very high level area that was previously exclusive to the Japanese maple server. Version 0.83 patch is the one that brings Maple Trading System (MTS) to MapleSEA, which I’m a lot more interested in.

What is MTS? It is a place where you can buy ingame items others put on sales with Cash credits you charged into your account. You can also auction for items, kinda like a Maple eBay. Likewise, you can sell ingame items for Cash.

It sounds like illegal trading. And spending money to buy the rights to use some virtual items sounds stupid. But I personally feel that it is just one way for us players who don’t mind spending a little money to be able to get things that we would have to go through tons of trouble with other methods. The other methods such as: hunt/do quest for it yourself, buy from somebody ingame with tons of mesos. And FM prices are seriously way too high.

I bought 2 Esther Shields just yesterday with less than a dollar. I wouldn’t even be able to buy 1 if there’s no MTS, and hunting for it is too time-consuming for a casual player like me. Plus I have some cash to use and I would rather not buy a pretty dress that expires in 90 days.

Why not?