Another huge patch from Asiasoft, and this one’s highlight is the Boss Balrog (i hear it’s a lower level boss) and Monster Carnival Season 2 (this I’m interested). This one has another long patch notes posted on the website. Surprisingly, the manual patch and client download is already available, although actual patching is tomorrow, a very early 2am to 8am.

I’m also interested in the Window Mode, which isn’t a necessity to me, but it will definitely make things more convenient. And I look forward to seeing the green gachapon megas that I saw in Taiwan and China MS once, haha. Just thinking about how those poor people are going to get flooded with whispers makes me ridiculously amused, for some reason.There’s also a lot of events, which is probably a good thing if they don’t have any major bugs or what.

Unfortunately, I won’t have much time to be enjoying this patch or do much mapling, since my classes started and my studies + workload is already making me tired enough to fall asleep anywhere anytime. T-T Oh well, this is what I chose, and it makes me happy in a completely different way.