First of all, I don’t have all the information. I just start this quest myself, and I’m posting to help myself remember what mobs to kill for what Piece of ‘something’. All these is directly copied/typed from what Chief Stan said.

Oh, you can copy and post it wherever you want, since the only trouble I went through is to take the screenshots and type it out, that’s all.

*Updated 28 Jan 09, guide on how to get the necklace
*Updated 29 Jan 09, guide on how to upgrade the necklace

Piece of Courage – Wild Boars, Dark Stumps, and Axe Stumps

Piece of Wisdom – Orange Mushrooms, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs

Piece of Accuracy – Octopus, Blue Mushrooms, Bubblings

Piece of Dexterity – Green Mushrooms, Slimes, Lupins

Piece of Freedom – Evil Eyes, Curse Eyes, Jr. Neckis

I heard that this necklace has an expiry. And there’s that Mind of Maple gem which I totally have no idea what’s it for. Gotta find out if this necklace is worth getting or not.

*Updates on 28 January

Firstly, from what I read on the net, I found out that the Mind of Maple Necklace expires after a month of getting it, even after upgrading it.

If not upgraded, it gives +1 to all stats (str, int, dex, luk). Kind of a let down. The Spiegelmann’s necklace from Monster Carnival has better stats in comparison because it gives WDef and MDef too, and most importantly it’s permanent.

If you feel that you’re still gonna try getting it, maybe for the 5000 exp that the quests give, here’s a little guide I did on how to get it.

So how to get the Mind of Maple necklace?

When you login to your character, you’ll find a light bulb on your head telling you there’s a new quest ‘A secret that Tian Jiang knows‘. Even after you accepted the quest, it’ll still re-appear on the next day. It’s for those who have done the quest to be able to do it again.

Basically it tells you to find Tian Jiang, who can only be found in Henesys. You’ll find the quest ‘In search of the Mind of Maple‘, in which he tells you that he wants to bless you, but you must have the Mind of Maple necklace. If you bring the right materials, he will restore the necklace.

Accept the quest, and he will tell you to get a Maple Necklace Chain from hunting monsters, and talk to Chief Stan, prove your worth and get a Piece of Mind of Maple from him. For both my characters that are doing the quest, I got Maple Necklace Chain very quickly. It’s the other part that’s more tedious.

Talk to Chief Stan, who is just on the ledge above, and activate the ‘Chief Stan’s Piece of Mind of Maple‘ quest. Then he tells you to gather the five types of maple pieces, 20 pieces each. The list is at the top of this post.

Once you have all the pieces, talk to Chief Stan, and he will give you the Piece of Mind of Maple and 2000 exp.

With the Piece of Mind of Maple and the Maple Necklace Chain, talk to Tian Jiang and he will give you the Mind of Maple necklace (equip) and Maple Necklace Pendant and 3000 exp.

Mind of Maple necklace (equip) is the un-upgraded necklace that you can wear. Maple Necklace Pendant is used for upgrading the necklace.

Next, to upgrade the Mind of Maple necklace.

More like getting another better one. You are going to need the Maple Necklace Gem, which is an item you have to get from Gachapon. And the upgraded necklace will still expire. If you still want to upgrade yours, here’s how to do it.

Speak with Tian Jiang, and pick the ‘I am here to participate in the awakening ritual of Mind of Maple!‘ option. Make sure you have the Maple Necklace Pendant is your inventory, because he will take it and give you a Mind of Maple Necklace (etc).

Double-click on the Mind of Maple Necklace (etc) will open up an user interface like the sock frame from the X’mas quest. To set a Maple Necklace Gem onto the necklace, drag and drop it into the UI.

The number of gems will determine which type of upgraded Necklace you will get. The max number of gems you can set is 3, but you can trade in a necklace that is set with just 1 or 2.

1 Gem = Sealed (bronze in colour)
2 Gems = Restoring (silver)
3 Gems = Restoring (gold) (it may be a ‘fully awakened’ Mind of Maple, if the name corresponds with the pink text notice)

To trade in, speak with Tian Jiang, and pick the ‘I am here to trade in for a necklace with a set gem!‘ option. The Mind of Maple Necklace (etc) will be taken away and you’ll be given an equip-able upgraded necklace.

I am not very sure how the stats work though, but a Restoring (gold) should be better than a Sealed one. Here’s a link to some screenshots if you want to see the stats of the necklace some other people got:

[MSEA] Mind of Maple necklace topic @

Unless you want to waste your gem, don’t pick the ‘I want to trade my Maple Necklace Gem with another gem‘. It gives you a normal jewel gem, for example, sapphire or garnet.

Hope this helps. ^^ Lots of credit to the topic and discussion on the necklace in various big maple fansites/forums. And also the person who gave me the info on upgrading the necklace!