One of the things I’ve been wanting to blog about, MapleSEA Episode 2! Wanna know what are some of its highlights that’s gotten everyone so excited?

Knights of Cygnus, for one. And Timeless Temple (+ Pink Bean), Elin Forest party quest, Mu Lung Training Center, Item Maker, Monster Book, and also, a dual language client. o.o Yes, Chinese client. Remember what I said about liking Chinese saying MMOs more? This is like a dream come true!

These are not the only things added in this Episode 1 to 2 transition though. There’s this insanely long patch note (link added!) that they released a while ago. Basically, it’s like half a year worth of content! Even Global MS haven’t gotten so much of the stuff that was released.

I can’t wait to go ingame and explore it myself (when I have the time, which will be a long while later). I’ve know about it since it was announced but haven’t gotten the chance to blog about it. But I have been excited about it for all this time!

Although I heard/read that there are some problems with the game right now. Kind of expected, since it’s such a huge patch. The last time I was there when Fiesta had a huge patch, many things got broken. I expect them to release a bug fix patch some time soon, once the bugs and glitches and whatnot starts flooding them.

I still can’t wait to play this! Especially MapleSEA in chinese! Don’t really expect the community to be much better, but it’s still going to be fun!