Just read an interesting post in Asiasoft Forums (formly known as Playpark forum, there is a new PPF now) about the map owning situation in MapleSEA. It seems to be quite accurate, but it’s kinda sad how selfish behavior such as this is considered common and even accepted.

ASF post : Written by Atticuslai in ASF

The point of contention for popular maps such as MP3 has always been whether a player can actually “own” a map. Now in Maple Story rules and regulation, there is no such thing. A map is usually big enough, with enough mobs to accommodate two or three person easily. This is especially when MS tried to promote party-playing and will design maps to accommodate such. So as long as everyone stick to their sub-area, their lane the map, and don’t kill-steal, then all are fair game.

The problem arises when there is a so-called “unspoken” or “unwritten” rules, enforced by high level players. The “unspoken” rules state that for popular maps, the first player to reach that map “owns” the map – he decide who else can play in the same map, or if he wants to, solo the whole map by himself. All other players are to abide by this “unspoken” rule, failing which, will subject themselves to intimidation and potential k’s-ing from the “map-owners” high level friends and guild mates. The intimidation and threat to kill-steal is potentially a form of harassment, and violates the MS regulations. Unfortunately the rampant number of “map-owners” enforcing this “unspoken rule” easily only proves that GM are not remotely interested to enforce the harassment rules – even with screen shots and such.

Interestingly, the “unwritten rule” serves you well when you need to train vigorously, especially when you are on 2X. After all, if you can solo the whole map, you certainly will train very much more efficiently with the spawn rate and XP those popular maps gave. This is the case where you DON’T WANT people to come disturb and “share” the map. You very much want to solo the whole map (or at least train with friends and guild mate) for optimum training efficiency.

Hence you can understand the insecurity of people who “owned” the map, and fear the occasional people who walk past, not knowing if they will perform a K’S (it them, K’S=hitting any mob within the WHOLE map, not just the vicinity of the player). Hence the relentless “cc please” call. To me personally, this is annoying and shows that the player is extremely insecure.

Am I for or against “map-owning”? I admit I have benefited from “owning map” and training efficiently. I have the fortune of preserving “my” map because people obeyed the “unwritten rule” and change channel when they know I owned the map. I once fought “map-owning” but was unsuccessful. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them! But I was make sure I don’t “cc please” at the slightest opportunity. I have allowed people to just be on the map and rest for a while before moving on. I was even silent when come players tend to “display” their skills to take out a few mob before moving on. I always gave them benefit of doubt. But it is always a give-and-take situation.

There is no use crying over the “map-owning” phenomena in Maple Story. As long as the GM refuse to act, “map-owning” is here to stay. If you can’t beat them, join them.