Forum member “Chaosfingers” posted a funny take on the announcement of “League of Legends Southeast Asia version”. This little gem is buried in the 69th page of the Southeast Asia megathread in the LOL forum (which is 70+ pages long right now). It’s a bit of a parody, but Chaosfingers hit the reactions to the news spot on.

Here’s what was posted, and needless to say, this did/does/will not happen in real life.

This should’ve happen to know how up sad we are.

Tryndamere : Pendragon, i am excited to let you know that, I’m deporting you to play at Singapore, in the meantime you will lose all contacts you have here.

Pendragon: But, but, why? How can you be excited about that!

Tryndamere : It is how we make an announcement, of course it’s exciting. Anyways, it is part of an agreement we signed with a SEA company, do not worry, even though i recognize it will be painful and not fun in the short term, but i think you will agree it’s the right move.

Pendragon : But! I have a lot of friends here, what would happen of them?

Tryndamere : Go make new ones, if u need to talk to those here, you can e-mail me, and i’ll send them the regards. Playing wise, forget it.

Pendragon : You’re banning me from my friends! Not to mention I’ve heard SEA people have bad English from our forums.

Tryndamere: Are you dumb? Singaporean’s literacy level is almost on par to that of the United States. If not better seeing how they have a better and a stable Government. You will have better health care. Besides, i don’t see the reason for that discussion to come up now.

Pendragon: But what of my accomplishments here!

Tryndamere : Ah! That yes! i would like to thank you for your loyal support and assure you that it hasn’t been overlooked. To show my appreciation for your steadfast devotion to our company, you will receive the following as part of this transition. You will get a full refund on all your Meal allowance. A redemption code which will unlock a special reward. First priority beta access to the new servers?

Pendragon: Wait? Beta access? How can that be good news! I’m testing servers all over again!

Tryndamere: Yes! Surprise! I knew you would love it!

Pendragon: Right…

Tryndamere: But wait! There’s more! You will have lower latencies and simplified payment process!

Pendragon: But uh. I’ve never complained about those!

Tryndamere: Shhhh, you spoiling the best part!

Pendragon: Which is?



*Toilets are amazing placing for the thinking process*