I got into around a month ago (the week Mascot Parade took place in Singapore) and it really appeals to my bishonen-loving self. I initially didn’t know it’s a TCG when I bought the Togainu no Chi’s Alice X Cross Trading Card Game starter pack for my sister, although I did suspect that it’s not some normal collecting cards. Then the shopkeeper opened the door to that world to me.

Armed with the single TnC pack,  we went to that Mascot Parade event and learned how to play. In the end, I have enough cards to make two playable decks of Hakuoki and a starter pack of Hiiro no Kakera (and a Hiiro no Kakera game, but that’s another story), and my sister has approximate the same amount of Togainu no Chi cards and a starter pack of Kichiku no Megane. We treat our cards mostly as collectible cards that can also be used to play games, lol.

So what is Alice X Cross?

According to Bushiroad’s official English website, Alice Cross is:

ALICE×CROSSE is the first CCG (Collectable Card Game) for girls developed by a female producer in the Japanese CCG history.
Players collect “Love Points” (LP) between their own characters and the partner characters up to 100% to win the game, and the easy rule attracts many girls who have never played card games before.
The main & partner characters can be chosen freely, so you can enjoy playing CCG with your favorite ones!
Make your own CCG world with your favorite cards, ALICE×CROSSE can be used both as CCG and as a collection.

The official Alice X Cross website is in Japanese, though it has a lot of information on the cards.

There’s Side Queen with cards from otome games where the main character is female, and Side Joker with cards from Boys’ Love games (for example my cards belong under Side Queen, and my sister’s under Side Joker). Games available are:

Side Queen – Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera, Vitamin X, D.C. Girl’s Symphony
Side Joker – Togainu no Chi, Kichiku Megane, Junjou Romantica

The images on the cards are mostly character portraits and ingame scenes with some items and weapons. Which means a huge amount of bishonens! (^-^) They really know how to target their customers, haha, as even their official mascots are appealing. Blond-haired ‘Queen’ is the cute type of bishonen while dark-haired ‘Joker’ is cool type and there’s a rabbit mascot affectionately called “Mui Mui”.

Anyway, for those who live in Singapore who are interested, Alice X Cross cards are available at Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise @ Sunshine Plaze , where Card Geeks which sells some other Bushiroad titles is located several shops away.

PS. Found a website with more information on Alice X Cross cards and best of all, pictures!
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