I don’t use Fantasia often, but my Warrior of Light (WoL) has been a Miqo’te, an Au’Ra and a Viera. It happened that I volunteered to change appearance to help a friend out, and when it came time to change back, I decided she wasn’t going to stay as a (often hat-less) rabbit anymore.

Meet my Elezen lady.

Isn’t she a beauty?

Here’s what she looked like before as a bunny girl.

It’s a little funny. My WoL has always had some wardrobe limitations for the previous races.

The Miqo’te couldn’t wear many hats and earrings well, while the Au’Ra girl’s hair hid the majority of circlets and earrings, and wore many hats poorly too. Their petite frames also meant many armor and big robes felt bulky and I didn’t like that. Yet, I couldn’t find another hairstyle that I like to change to.

My Viera, well, the majority of the hats are invisible but she’s got the build to absolutely slay in so much of the clothes that my WoL previously couldn’t wear. My glamour dresser was bursting every now and then.

Now, my Elezen has none of the issues (except the bursting glamour dresser part)! I look forward to finding (and acquiring) the nice hats again. ^_^