Because some of the new collection titles in the latest patch got slotted between the old ones, I faced some problems with the naming of my previous collection titles guides and the upcoming new guide as I was using the page number to identify them.

So I decided to rename all the existing guides under one name ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide‘, and let each one be a part of the ‘ongoing’ guide. A DN SEA, Masterlist of Collection Titles has also been created so that people who just need a quick reference for certain titles can refer to that instead of the detailed guides. It’s neater, for one thing. 😀

Hope this isn’t too confusing. It’s actually easier now for me to name future addition to the Collection Titles guide. Yay~

PS. I’m working on the ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 3), Lv 50 Patch’ right now. I actually have already added the new titles and their most basic info to the Masterlist, but I have yet to flesh them out more so some requirements are clearer. You guys can go ahead and take a look. =)