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Finally level 40!

Finally level 40!!! I sure took my own sweet time with it. -_-;; It’s actually somewhat on schedule, because I did hit 32 only after level 40 cap was released.

On the bright side, I managed to check out some of the titles I wasn’t able to and my new 40 gear will help a lot for my solo-ing of the level 39 dungeons! And the nests! I can finally try the 2 level 40 nests!

Quick news/update: ‘Incomplete’ title is confirmed for forfeiting Manticore Nest normal mode. I did not try just pressing F12 key, so I’m not sure if that works, but dying then pressing F12 key works for sure.


Busy busy buzz buzz


Majesty’s Steal Magic


  1. Bobo

    Do you play any other games beside Dragon Nest? From what I could see or read, Dragon Nest basically caters to those who are paying for CC. Do you think it’s worth the investment?

    • Seluna

      Hmm, at the moment I’m only playing Dragon Nest for my MMORPG, and League of Legends with friends sometimes. At its very basic, Dragon Nest is pretty okay for casual non-spending players. Sure you will have to work extra hard or learn the know-how to get rich in order to get very good gear and cash costumes, but it’s definitely playable in PVE at least with okay gears too. If you are a hardcore player, then spending cash gives you very visible advantage.

      As for worth the investment… I don’t think I am the right person to ask because I look for very different things in online games from a lot of MMORPGer I know.

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