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DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 4) ”Detective”

A new Collection Title! Title Collection Book has a new look! A dedicated section in Achievements windows! So much love for us title collectors this patch! <3 Needless to say this is my favorite part of the Kali patch. <3

(… okay, one of my few favorite parts. There are other things I like too, like the updates to Guardian Force…. But that’s not the focus now!)

Firstly, the new title!

– – –


  • Layout improved along with the new website theme. Should be easier on the eyes now.


Under page 13 ‘Strange Village’

Description: What happened there?

– no stats –

This collection title is a bit disappointing because it has no stats, but the title is quite nice. But it does give a Epic grade High Grade Diamond Code when it is completed, so that’s not too bad. The requirements are not too hard, but kind of tedious.

Basically, you have to complete all the achievements for the Lv.49 Abyss Dungeons. With the exception of the ‘Clear Abyss alone’ achievement, I suggest trying for most of the achievements in parties.

Smart – Complete all Ancient Library Abyss achievements

Riverwort Chief – Complete all Riverwort Village Ruins Abyss achievements

Arms Trafficker – Complete all East Ancient Armory Abyss achievements

Territory Occupier – Complete all Dragon Followers’ Base Abyss achievements

Anti-trafficking Squad – Complete all West Ancient Armory Abyss achievements

Collection Book Update

The new look of the Collection Book is so nice and it’s much more convenient now. It’s not just a change of how it looks, but there are some really nice little features now.

The Collection Book now has a Table of Content page on the left, and the individual Collection Title is only on the right. But the best part is, we can click the left and right arrow like last time to see the other titles, or we can just click on the collection name on the Table of Content. No need to click so many times to get to Ultimate title anymore, wee!

On the Collection Title pages, just mouseover the titles that we need to get and there’s a nice hint that appears so you guys won’t have to check this blog if you happen to forget which achievement to be checking for. πŸ˜› Even hidden titles have hints, so I will have an easier time too. πŸ˜€

And when a Collection Title is complete, there is a stamp to show as well. Go check out your own completed ones to see it. ^^

The another thing is the new section added in the Achievement windows. It shows the achievements we are required to do for each Collection Title and a button that will open the Collection Book directly. Though I am a little sad that it cannot let us add these achievements to the tracker directly, and some achievements don’t include their required dungeons in their names and objectives. But that’s just nitpicking. ^^;

The more I use the new Collection Book and the new features, the more I like it. I’m even more excited about this than Kali, haha.

Now shoo, go get the ‘Detective’ title or check out the titles you haven’t complete. πŸ˜€


To Kali or not?


No more Tales Dice Adventure

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  1. Ilham

    I find the SSS rank in my opinion the most difficult how to solve it??

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