Donating via Paylah! QR code is done using the DBS Paylah! mobile app but Shizu would love to know who sent a donation at what time, so there is a simple form to fill in below. Some instructions are included as well.

By clicking on “Show the QR Code” and donating, you acknowledge that :

  1. The donation is made in a clear state of mind and that the funds used to donate are yours to spend. Donations made are non-refundable.
  2. If you did not choose to show nickname instead of mobile number or you’re using PayNow to scan the QR code, your name and/or mobile number may be shown to Shizu.
  3. Shizu is stating now that except for her own records, she will not use or share any of the personal info obtained in the process of the donation for any other purposes.
  4. Once transaction on the app is completed, the funds are transferred instantly. Any mistakes made cannot be corrected.
  5. You are aware that an alert on stream will not be triggered and it is acceptable for you.

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