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On Captcha

I’m trying to go without the Captcha and see if it makes any difference too my spam count. If it does… too bad, it’ll have to stay in that case.

Using Post Format for this blog

I’ve got the coding part of implementing Post Format into the theme done, so it’s more or less the design part now. Instead of having a huge If Else chunk in the middle of many templates, I decided to use the method introduced in Even Smarter Post Formats.

I made a lot of changes to Color Paper, so many that I wonder how I’m going to revert some of those changes for if I want to release. For my website, I didn’t want to have the Post Format icons change color along with the style switcher, although I managed to make it work.

Working on Post Format o3

Making Post Format icons of different colors to match the switcher! I should work on the code first but… meh.

I think I got Post Format working, somewhat, but I’m not quite done twitching with the theme yet. Besides, the Featured Post area in the index page is kind of difficult to style for, because of the different space requirements for the formats. Oh well, I’ll work on it some more tomorrow. And modifying the single templates too, gotta remember that.

Working on Post Format o1

Trying to update the theme to include Post Format features but I kept getting distracted. Grr…

Some new stuff added

Most of the additions have to do with comments. The most prominent is the CAPTCHA, because I have a rather rampant spam problem. Another is that comments posted will not need approval before they show up and visitors’ comments can be edited within a certain period of time.

Another thing, which is kind of really odd bug.

New userstyles uploaded

I have been wanting to upload these new userstyles that I made recently and I finally did it today. You can find a complete list of my userstyles at my Projects page, but here are the two new ones.

Prettifying: part one point oh one

YAAAY!! Apathetic Moon looks much much more like its old self now! I realized what went wrong after hours of digging into the Twenty Ten and Color Paper templates, and it’s my own stupidity that screwed up the whole theme. T_T On the bright side, there are a few small improvements. ^^ Not very visible, but they are there. 😀

Of course, a lot of customizations are not back yet, but not Miku clock is back. O(≧∇≦)O She is one of the first widgets to be added, because that’s how wonderful she is.

Prettifying my blog, part one.

Using Leather theme as a temporary theme, I don’t like some parts of it. I hope I can get Color Paper to work again, I’m insanely in love with that theme like nobody’s business. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and make it a Twenty Ten child theme, post format friendly so I can make my miniblog/microblog/tumblelog. That idea’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now anyway.

My experiment with the Lifestream plugin is not very satisfactory so far. I think I’ll tackle that one much later.

All multisite-ed!

Of course, I’m talking about about the other sites, Lunadream and Drache. Using the method from Mixu’s tech blog, I moved both of them in very quickly and painlessly. One good thing is that I kept both of the sites at their most basic so nothing much can go wrong. Now that they are in the network, it’s time for a makeover~

Of course, this blog is not going to be left out. :3 In fact, I would like to start with it first.

Got multisite working, finally

After drooling at it for so long, I can finally host all of my separate sites under a single WordPress installation! Many thanks to my wonderful webhost who moved my site over to a new webserver and added the configuration necessary for multisite to work.

Back online, hopefully

Apathetic Moon is back online now (hopefully permanently) on a freshly installed WordPress v3.0.4 with old content imported through WordPress’s Importer. I’ve submitted a review request with Google, hopefully it will get through and traffic won’t be blocked anymore.

At the moment, I’m gonna just concentrate on getting the other sites up before starting to customize this one. Maybe I can even wait until I CAN create a multisite properly before going nuts with the themes and plugins. (Not too crazy of course, still need to be wary of those pesky malware using bastards)

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