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Finally able to post from phone!

To be fair, it’s not WordPress Android app’s fault, but I had been disappointed for so long it’s making me crazily happy.

And I just found out I could pair my PS3 keyboard with my phone. Just think of all the possibilities!

Why Apathetic Moon went missing for a few days

First, I want to apologize for the brief ‘downtime’ of Apathetic Moon. Some of you probably had a shock when it was showing some other website. Let me make a few things clear:

  1. I am not closing the website or hosting something else in place of it.
  2. Apathetic Moon did not get hacked, it did not get attack by malware.
  3. It was not an advertising attempt gone wrong.

What happened was caused by a bug in the webhosting admin thingy and it caused my website to be showing another site “Bobby Tan Original Tailor”. I actually did a bit of searching, and it seems to be a highly recommended tailor shop in Singapore. The website itself is quite nicely made, though I was not in the mood to appreciate it.

What matters, is the problem is solved and Apathetic Moon is back online again. Again, I’m really sorry to those of you who were checking out the site and couldn’t find it. Especially the ones looking for the Title Collection Guides. 🙁

Huh… routine plugins update is causing problems for my twitter widget. 🙁 But then again, I keep forgetting to use Twitter. 😀

Hope the issue gets resolved soon, feels weird to have the widget missing.

The issue: Twitter Widget Pro – Authorize New Account does not redirect

Now powered by WordPress 3.5

I’ve been reading about it for a while, and finally got to updating the sites. It’s a major update to the media uploading section, and it’s promising to be so much better. So far nothing seems broken, but I will continue keeping an eye out.

What’s interesting, is the Jetpack update. Publicize seems to be the post to social network thing on and I was looking for something similar some time ago (and still wasn’t very happy with the one I found). Gonna try it out later when I have the time.

Post by email, well that one is interesting. I haven’t been able to get my WordPress for Android app working with my multisite installation so I couldn’t blog on the go. Will be exploring this too.

Jetpack just seems to get better and better, especially now that I don’t have to de-spam the comments so often.

Some updates

Aside from finally posting the slightly more detailed guide for the collection titles introduced in the Dragon Nest level 50 patch, I also made some changes to the blog’s design itself. Check out the four new buttons at the top right of the blog!

While I’m still sort of busy with other stuff (SDN raids being one of them), I am thinking of posting more often to my blog. Maybe some reviews of those programs and apps that I find very useful? And book and manga reviews? Although my recent reads are chinese novels and my manga collection is in Chinese, haha.

In any case, I hope to share more of my thoughts instead of hiding them, be they in bite-size bits or the walls of text I’m quite good at.

Oh, NaNoWriMo is approaching in a month’s time! I’m taking part this year, hope I can finally become a winner!

FB Integration

I tried the plugin ‘Facebook Page Publish‘ but I don’t know if I screwed up a setting somewhere or there’s some new changes in the backend of Facebook, but the links I shared could not be seen by others.

So, I’m now testing the plugin released by Facebook for WordPress. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

*Update* Apparently, I made a colossal mistake when setting app privacy. Argh, can I blame that on my inner paranoia parrot?

Changes coming up, maybe

Not big ones, just trying to tie in some social media elements for easier access. Things may go a bit nutty at times, but I’m working on it!


1) I have switched the comment system over to Jetpack Comments system so visitors can now login to their Facebook, Twitter and accounts to comment. Convenient eh?

2) There’s now a Facebook page for Apathetic Moon! I made it for social media integration purposes, but feel free to drop in and chat with me~

Look out for more changes~

Some news on my end

It’s been a while since I update this blog, so I’m here with some little news and updates.

1) On 19th May 2012, this blog had a whooping 11,000 views because of a certain title related event in Dragon Nest SEA that brought crazy amount of traffic to my Collection Titles guide. That was kinda crazy and unexpected, haha!

2) Cherry Credits recently upgrade their forum software (which’s a damn good thing because they had a rampant spam problem) so some of the links in my post to topics in their forum are broken. I have fixed those I spotted, but if you spot any, please let me know. Thank you~

3) I’m playing Diablo 3, like half of the gaming world. But I’m also crazy about fishing in Dragon Nest’s newly introduced farming system, although I don’t quite know how to profit from farming yet.

I think that’s about it.

Hmm… there’s something wrong with the paging of comments. It’s turned off for now, but I’m going to have to fix it later. >.<

I just wish to announce that the Dragon Nest SEA, Collection Title guide had gotten at least 500+ hits each day since I posted it!

This has never happened with any of my posts before! Thank you all and I hope that you have found it useful. I will continue to share more information that I feel will help everyone’s DN-ing experience. \(^.^)/

I have no idea what happened…

But apparently all my posts and everything belonging in the post database table had disappeared on the 11th of September (ha-freaking-ha).

Thank goodness I have scheduled backup and managed to restore all the posts, up until the latest one made in August (gosh, I neglected this blog for so long). I still am completely clueless about what happened. I don’t know if it’s foul-play or just corruption on the database’s end but I got quite a shock to find a completely empty blog and the fact that it’s been like this for a week or so now.

I’m just thankful it can be fixed easily. Schedule backups for teh win!

Return of the Captcha

Captcha is back after my brief test for two days and the results is an average of 40 spams per day. I had Akismet and a honeypot type anti-spam, but alas, a few dozen spams still managed to slip through. So, sorry for the ugly, but it seems I need a Captcha.

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