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Just a quick status update and a bit about missing quests

It’s really late now but I’m waiting for my poor HTC Flyer’s battery to get a bit more power in it before I go to bed, so I decided to clear some of the comments backlog while I wait. USB charging is slow, and my poor netbook is probably gonna have to remain on for the whole night.

I noticed a few comments after the big patch on 15 Jan saying that the Abyss related quests disappeared, so I did a bit of googling and checked the forums. Turns out, the quests didn’t disappear. They were hidden. The option at Quest window saying  “Hide Quest Marker” now hides the quest starting option for the lower level quests as well, instead of just the marker in mini-map.

So people who cannot find your Spread of the Abyss or other Abyss quests, you know what to do now.

PS. Staring at the battery meter saying 0% is scary. It’s 3% now, woohoo! But I still don’t dare to switch to using outlet charger yet. 🙁

Guild first SDN clear!

After months of long struggles, my guild finally managed to down SDN! Because we are a small casual private guild, we have had many difficulties and frustrated attempts, interrupted by busy exam and work schedules. But we have finally managed to down SDN!

Great work everyone!

CaiGarden 1st SDN clear!

DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 3), Lv 50 Patch

Some time in the past, if my fuzzy memory is correct, I promised to do a guide for any new Collection Titles in Dragon Nest SEA, especially for that particular one requiring hidden achievement. Now that they have arrived with the Level 50 patch, it’s time for me to do just that.

Sorry for the long delay, the past month has been a very busy one for me.

For quick reference, the Masterlist is good. This guide is to make it easier to search the titles because the Masterlist has issues with browser’s find function. I have also added more little tips and observations into this guide, hope they will be of more help.

Majesty’s Steal Magic

Majesty’s Steal Magic

Just a quick link drop regarding this interesting (but not sure if useful) skill, since I’m going the Majesty’s path!

Finally level 40!!! I sure took my own sweet time with it. -_-;; It’s actually somewhat on schedule, because I did hit 32 only after level 40 cap was released.

On the bright side, I managed to check out some of the titles I wasn’t able to and my new 40 gear will help a lot for my solo-ing of the level 39 dungeons! And the nests! I can finally try the 2 level 40 nests!

Quick news/update: ‘Incomplete’ title is confirmed for forfeiting Manticore Nest normal mode. I did not try just pressing F12 key, so I’m not sure if that works, but dying then pressing F12 key works for sure.

Regarding the ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guides’

Because some of the new collection titles in the latest patch got slotted between the old ones, I faced some problems with the naming of my previous collection titles guides and the upcoming new guide as I was using the page number to identify them.

So I decided to rename all the existing guides under one name ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide‘, and let each one be a part of the ‘ongoing’ guide. A DN SEA, Masterlist of Collection Titles has also been created so that people who just need a quick reference for certain titles can refer to that instead of the detailed guides. It’s neater, for one thing. 😀

Hope this isn’t too confusing. It’s actually easier now for me to name future addition to the Collection Titles guide. Yay~

PS. I’m working on the ‘DN SEA, Collection Titles Guide (part 3), Lv 50 Patch’ right now. I actually have already added the new titles and their most basic info to the Masterlist, but I have yet to flesh them out more so some requirements are clearer. You guys can go ahead and take a look. =)

DN SEA, Masterlist of Collection Titles

This post is a quick reference for all the collection titles of current Dragon Nest SEA. Click the links below for detailed guides :

*NOTE* New Collection Titles up to page 28 has been added!! 🙂

The level 50 patch for Dragon Nest SEA has just been live, and my random checking through showed me a treasure trove! Dragon Nest SEA now has SIX new titles, and some are way better than the old ones! Oh wee! Time to work on a new guide~!

The level 50 patch is just a few more hours from n…

The level 50 patch is just a few more hours from now! The patch news listed quite a few enhancements that I have been waiting for and didn’t expect that SEA server is going to get so soon. So excited!

Funny happenings in Moriettes Cloister Farm

*UPDATE* The images are down so it’s not so hilarious now. 🙁

Meanwhile At Moriettes Cloister Farm

Found my sister laughing over this topic created by forumer ‘reigel‘ and it’s pretty hilarious. This is one of those little things that make up my love for MMORPGs.

On a side note, I joined the Monster Attack event earlier today and lucked out on two rolls for Plate Pocket Heraldry Enhancement. And the Lv 50 monsters are so interesting!

Geraint… ;_; You will be sorely missed. I shall …

Geraint… ;_; You will be sorely missed. I shall avenge you and hopefully before the level 60 cap is released (because I got to level 32 at when level 40 cap was released and now that level 50 cap is approaching I’m a few levels short of level 40… )

DN Sea – Highlights of my DN-ing o1

I like to record down funny or memorable moments while gaming, and Dragon Nest has a great deal of such moments.

Oh, and an update on my progress towards One-Man Army Sergeant, I just got the Champion title! Now only getting to level 39 and the ‘A Lone wolf’ title left!

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