For programs, I mean. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. If you are like me whose desktop has dozens of file explorer windows, MSN messenger windows and text files cluttering your desktop and making it difficult and tedious to find things, this post is for you. These are tab related add-ons and programs that will help to cut down the clutter and allow you to work from just one interface.

For web-browser, I use Firefox 3 (inbuilt tab support, I don’t need to elaborate on that, do I?) with ‘Undo Closed Tab‘, ‘IE Tab‘ and ‘ColorfulTabs‘ add-ons. Undo Closed Tab is for when I accidentally close the windows (wheel click is too convenient sometimes), and IE Tab is when some pages are actually more compatible with IE than Firefox, and I don’t think I need to say much for ColorfulTabs.

For word processing programs, I actually use two different ones. EditPadLite for .txt files which is just wonderful at work for when I have hundreds of text files which a few dozens I need to use every other minute, and Roughdraft for .rtf files. The benefits of using .rtf files is they are smaller in size than .doc and they don’t give too many tedious styles when you copy the content directly into WordPress. That’s a huge plus. And if I’m not wrong, it doesn’t use as much resources as Microsoft Words.

For MSN/Windows Live Messenger, there’s the popular Messenger Plus! Live that offers more than just tabbed support but a lot of other things that make your MSN experience much much better. With the latest version you can even open multiple Windows Live Messenger logins on one computer, as well as custom away message. There is a version for older MSN messenger on the website too.

QTTabBar offers tab support for Window’s windows. Yes, as in a Microsoft Window’s file exploring window. This requires a lot more getting used to (maybe I got my setting wrong), but is very helpful. But it’s very customizable, and really saves a lot of time from finding folders to copy and paste from. And it can open a new tab window by middle/wheel-click on another folder in the window and preview text and images, which is extremely convenient. So is it’s import and export setting function. Makes things a lot easier if you work with multiple computer.

Just sharing some useful programs that I have come into contact with and probably can’t do without now (okay, maybe not the ColorfulTabs).