Just watched the Top 6 week of SYTYCD (refer to top for full name) Season 4 that is being broadcast by my local TV operator here and I love it so much. Marksie (Mark Kanemura + Chelsie Hightower) got eliminated this week, they are my top favorite couple. ;_;

Can’t wait to see the Top 4 finale next week, but at the same time, don’t want this season to end yet. Oh, the dilemma. Although I got spoilt by wiki and knows who’s the winner, I still want to watch it for myself. Meaning I have to make sure I come home at 6pm.

Due to my time management issue, I missed a number of episodes and oh boy, how I regret missing them. There’s the internet to find them, of course, but watching it on TV makes the dances so much more beautiful and amazing. If ever there’s a DVD set for SYTYCD season 4, I would so grab them. I don’t remember much of Season 2 which we watched some period of time ago, but I wouldn’t mind watching again. Or watch the seasons we missed.

I hope the next season that will be broadcasting at the end of this month on AXN Asia will be as good or even better. There aren’t much reality shows that are to our liking, only SYTYCD, Taiwan’s 舞林大道 and Singapore’s 1st season of Superband did. We paid some attention to the first season of Singapore Idol but gave everything else a miss. Singing type reality shows never really appealed much to me, especially when there are so many seasons and more to come for sure.