The day before yesterday (since it’s past midnight, so it’s a new day already, yay) I just had two of my bottom teeth extracted to make space for my teeth to be shifted, as part of the process of adjusting my open bite problem with braces.

The extracting process is quite alright, not as problematic as the previous session with my two above teeth. It’s the meal after that’s definitely on my list of weirdest experience ever. The anestheatic takes an hour or two to wear off, so the bottom part of my mouth is completely numb. Meaning I couldn’t feel anything with my tongue, my bottom lips and my bottom jaw. And me, my bf and my family went to have lunch at Waraku spaghetti (forgot it’s actual name -_-; ) and I ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Japanese curry soup spaghetti that I tried and really liked.

The corn soup came first. Here comes the weird part. I could drink things and taste them a little, although it feels very awkward because my bottom lip feels like sponge to me and it can’t feel anything, so when the soup drips out of my mouth, I can’t feel it at all. When I tried eating some of the salad, the vegetable leaves thing went missing in my mouth. The same went for my spaghetti.

I think I took more than an hour to finish that meal, and it helped that the numbness was starting to fade halfway through. It was still a really strange experience, and I don’t think I’ll get the chance to try that again considering there should be no more extractions (unless for the wisdom teeth but they are problems for the future).

Oh, and I only have written some four thousand words for my NaNo. Oh my god. T-T