The Melkco Slimme Cover casing for my HTC Flyer arrived today and I am loving it so much. Definitely worth the price and the shipping time was a reasonable wait. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

There’s this one interesting thing I observed though. It has some magnets on the cover so that it can form a stand to prop the tablet up horizontally, and when I pressed the cover fully against the back of the tablet, one of the magnets will cause the auto screen orientation function to stop working.

Not sure if that’s intended or not, but it can come in handy when I want to be reading and am too lazy to fiddle with another app/setting to stop the screen from switching orientation.

Another thing is how snugly the casing fits the tablet that I have trouble getting the casing off. Which is a good thing and shouldn’t be a problem normally, but I subscribe to Singtel’s prepaid data surfer pack at the moment and because the Flyer has no phone calling function (yes, I’m aware it can be rooted to have one), I need to swap the SIM card out to a phone so I can place a call to Singtel to start the subscription process.

I foresee another epic battle between the casing and I some time next month. =D Hopefully I can get a more permanent data subscription set up by then. Or I can just root the Flyer for the phone calling function. Hmm… decisions decisions.