Today, I was trying to find an Excel file with a VBA macro that I wrote. Its purpose is to automate the process of listing all the topics in a section of a forum I moderated into html files, so that I can save them all easily from that list with DownThemAll instead of going through each of them and repeat the steps of saving and renaming. Then I discovered that I could not find the file. Then realized that none of my Excel files with macros in them (I refer to them affectionately as my tools) are anywhere to be found in the system and I am certain I did not delete any of them.

I’m fairly pissed off right now. I’m not sure how all of them, and only them, managed to disappear from my computer completely. I’m wondering if they were accidentally marked as malicious or something by anti-malware softwares and thus got purged.

Fortunately, I have previous versions of some of the files in one of my backup. Unfortunately, that particular one that I want to use today is not among them, although one of the files in the backup is its ‘ancestor’ of sort.

Now I have to write that specific macro up again, and I’ve mostly forgotten how exactly I wrote it, although I can figure that out. And rebuild the other tools that disappeared. And I’m going to leave them in my Dropbox so they won’t vanish again.

Grrr. >_<