Okay, it happened a few days ago (22th May 2009) but I went to the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Orchestra Concert! It was teh love! I have always had a weakness for full blown orchestra pieces, and now that the pieces are some of my favorite game soundtrack, I don’t think I’ll forget this ever. Even with my crappy memory.

I would post picture of the program brochure but I’m quite lazy now to go through the whole process of getting pictures and posting them. Maybe I’ll add them in the future. But you can see what songs were on the program here.

The first song to be played was Liberi Fatali, and I started crying right off the first note. Yes, I cry at music. More often than I really feel comfortable admitting. I couldn’t stop crying until maybe three songs later. It was just such a wonderful experience.

I fell in love with the FFXI piece ‘Ronfaure’ and ‘Memoro de la Stono – Distant Worlds’ which I have never heard before, since I didn’t play FFXI.

And seeing Nobuo Uematsu himself! Oh boy, he’s like one of the few gods of game musics but he doesn’t act removed. In fact, you can see he just really enjoys himself and is having a lot of fun. That’s how I want to live life. He’s probably one of my few idols in life.

One really ought to attend something like this once in their lifetime, if you are a fan of Final Fantasy music. I had the chance to, and if I am given another, I won’t hesitate to take it.

Now I regret not buying the music CD then then but I really really dislike crowds. Sigh. I’ve already placed an order on Amazon, so I’m gonna wait for it to arrive now. ^^