Every now and then, when the team behind Facebook decided to implement big changes to the way it looks or the way it works, the whole world go nuts briefly before the grumbles died and life goes on. Yesterday was one of such time. When Timeline (why does it remind me of Memolane so much?) is rolled out, I expect there to be another stir on the Internet.

As far as changes go, I got used to the newest ones within the day and I call that an improvement. Perhaps because this time round there aren’t as much graphical tweaks that annoyed me, with the exception of the ticker, which I hid away using the Better Facebook addon. Or maybe I had already ironed most of them out using the Better Facebook addon and the userstyles that I crafted for a customized Facebook appearance.

What I’m really quite interested in, is the Subscribe feature. Subscribe offers the ability to choose what you want to see from a certain person on your Feed or to not see anything from that person at all while keeping that person as a friend(for whatever purpose). Such flexibility could have really saved me from the hard decision of hiding all the posts from certain people, and I am greatly delighted at being able to customize my Feed.

It also does not hurt that I can now ask people to unsubscribe from my Games Feed to avoid getting hit by the tsunami of game posts I unleash upon my poor friends who do not play Facebook games. =D