I haven’t been this hyped over an anime for a long while. There should be no surprise that this anime ‘K’ that I’m crazy about has a whole bunch of bishounens and voiced by several A-List seiyuus (Ono Daisuke, Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokaze Sugita, etc).

I missed the Live simulcast with Japan on Animax Asia but there are a lot of repeat telecast and I caught the 6.30am one just now. I have no doubts I will be trying to watch the same episode again a few times. 

Episode 1 introduces a group called Homura, led by the redhead Suoh Mikoto and consists of a blond bartender (he owns the bar ‘Homra), a baseball bat using skateboarding youth and a gothic lolita, and a group of sword wielding people in smart looking blue uniform called Scepter-4, led by Munakata Reishi. They don’t seem to get along well and whatever special powers that they have shows up in the opposing colors of pink and blue. Lol, yes, pink.

There’s also something about Kings and two gigantic floating swords, which I assume one or both is the Sword of Democles or something.

And then there is a lengthier but not all that plot-helpful introduction for the main protagonist, Isana Yashiro, by a female classmate. He is apparently somebody who’s friendly but not very close to anyone in particular and is somewhat mysterious. He also goes around begging/stealing/getting food for his lunch and then eats it alone with a super adorable little kitten.

Homura (the group) seems to be after Isana, and then Yatogami Kuroh came and rescued Isana from the skateboarding youth and blond bartender. Yatogami and Isana don’t seem to know each other, but they had a brief BL-ish moment when Yatogami grabbed Isana close (probably for mobility purposes). Fangirls will be happy. Isana even blushed, probably because Yatogami is very very cool, and strong.

It does not seem like Yatogami is all that happy about rescuing Isana, actually, because he pointed his sword at him later. He said something about his dead master. Yatogami gives the impression like those loyal samurai. At the same time, a video was shown all over hijacked screens where a guy looking incredibly like Isana shot at somebody and said that he is a King (which hasn’t been explained yet so far), then probably killed that person. Isana still seems clueless. Episode 1 ends here.

So far so good I’ll say. The pacing and animation are good, action and the special powers and the way they are used are pretty interesting. Some effort was spent introducing the world which is slightly more futuristic, and also on little details, so it is always nice. There weren’t much explanations so I can’t wait to watch the 2nd episode next week.

If I were to summarize this anime thus far… cool guys, pink flames (lol!), cute kitty, nice skateboarding.

Official website: http://k-project.jpn.com/
Animax website: http://www.animax-asia.com/shows/k