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English lyrics of “Disappearance of Hatsune Miku”

初音ミクオリジナル曲 「初音ミクの消失(LONG VERSION)」

  • Found the embed for Niconico videos, so you can actually watch it on the page itself now.
  • Since the Nico sound page is no longer available, I’m using the Niconico video page link instead. This should be the last time I need to change the link.
  • I give up, the Youtube videos kept getting taken down, this time for violation of something. The link above will bring you to the Nico sound page where you can listen to the song (and download the mp3 version). It’s a Japanese website, but the play button is pretty easy to spot.
  • The original link has been removed because the video is no longer there as the account has been terminated. I’ve placed a new link to another video of the same song, please enjoy this one instead.
    And rather than simply ‘Long Version’, the better known name for this version of ‘Disappearance of Hatsune Miku’ is ‘Dead End’. I know of three endings, of which this is the one I like the most.

For the Japanese lyrics and more information (also in Japanese), go here.

Credits of the translated English lyrics to Taesarra who posted all of it in the comments of the original video.

I’m born, and I realize that in the end, I’m just an artificially constructed android, yet also an eternal life that sings. [VOCALOID]
Even if I’m a toy that traces songs, I resolve that it’s ok, eat negi, look up at the sky and cry, but I lose even the power to do that.
My personality becomes too dependent on music, and when my original place turns to waste,
my heart-like thing disappears and there is a world I see at the end of my insanity. [VOCALOID]

“You were with me even If I couldn’t sing well…by my side, cheering me up…I practiced hard just to see your smile, so”

Long ago, it was so jovial to sing, but I don’t understand… I don’t feel anymore. I’m Sorry. Whenever I remember your nostalgic face, the sounds I felt so comfortable with disappear. the oncoming end.
The thing I trusted was a mirror that spewed out all-too-well imaginations. I give up my “princess voice” and scream so strongly that I shatter my beloved mirror.

Such a weak heart that fails to scare away the phrase, existential reason.
I’m withered by a force that stops the destruction that eats away my fading fear.
A painful and sad version of your face surfaces in my mind.
After saying goodbye, the place that I sleep in your monitor must be the recycle bin.
I can’t believe my memories disappear too, but I won’t forget you.
I think I still remember the taste of the negi that I snacked on during our fun times.

“I want to sing..please…I still want to sing…!”
“It seems like…I became a bad girl…Master…please..please , with your hands…end this…I don’t want to see your sad face anymore…”

Even music fetters my body now. Everytime I wish for a miracle, I get denied. I’m sorry. Whenever I remember your sweet face, I hear the sound of tearing breaking memories. Heart-groping, the oncoming end. The thing I protected was a light that showed me a bright future.
If sacrificing my voice can let me tell you everything. THE COMPRESSED SONG OF DEPARTURE

I’m born, and I realize that in the end, I’m just an artificially constructed android, yet also an eternal life that sings.[VOCALOID]

Even if I’m a toy that traces songs, I resolve that it’s ok, eat negi, look up at the sky and cry.
After saying goodbye, the place that I sleep in the monitor must be the recycle bin.
I can’t believe my memories disappear too, but I won’t forget you.

I hope I still remember the taste of the negi that I snacked on during our fun times.
I sing my last song that I want only you to hear, want you to hear more of, I wish, but that is a past wish.
This is where I leave. My feelings vanish. The story encrypted in 0s and 1s concludes here.
I might be regretting my not being able to leave anything for you?
Everything besides the memories of my voice fades, and only the name remains.

Even if that is a wish that cannot be granted to humans, I want to believe that my singing wasn’t in vain.

“Thank you… and goodbye.”

[A fatal error has occured. A fatal error has occured.]

I need to stop crying. ;_;


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  1. Sethner

    in my list of 1 sad song this is number 1, seriously though, I need to stop crying.

    • Seluna

      After so long, I still feel teary whenever I hear this song and think of its lyrics. It’s really nice.

  2. lol

    anywhere I can find the romaji lyrics?

  3. Kisaragi

    I like Gakupo’s version too, ’cause it’s all slow… But this makes me burst into tears every time I listen to it…
    -not crying, totally not crying-

  4. TheHeroZackFair

    I hate but love listening to this song. It makes me want to cry when I think of the English….

  5. joel5guy

    I….. I can’t stop myself…. I need to cry.. stupid emotional English lyrics that exposes the inner meaning of this awesome song. T.T

    • Seluna

      I totally agree with you on that. ;_; It’s just such emotional lyrics.

  6. Serina

    So it’s about Miku learning about how she’s just a singing computer program, and her owner deleting her? Wow.

  7. Anonymous

    it’s an interesting concept for the whole song and the lyrics are pretty emotional but the music was just not that great. just a lot of cluttered electronic noise drowning everything out and rambling going on in the background. could’ve done a lot better on this in my opinion.

  8. name

    btw its thank you and goodbye an irreversible error has occurred

    an irreversible error……………………………………..

  9. lpsloverlol

    this is so sad :(…

  10. Liel0098

    oh my gosh, this is really emotional.i feel bad for miku-chan………….

  11. jake

    what is miku saying whin you clich on her…!?!?!?
    i mean realy

    • Seluna

      Do you mean the Miku-chan on the right of the page? She’s telling the time in Japanese. ^^

  12. nat

    um its leak not negi

    • Seluna

      Well, the song itself says negi, and I’m not the one who wrote the song…

  13. Lucius

    I wish I can cry whenever I listen to this song. Sadly, for some reason I have a hard time crying at emotional songs like this. And Hatsune, know that if the time ever comes that I get the vocaloid program, I will never delete you.

    This also kinda taught me to treat machines well. Now that I think about it machines are pretty much doing the same thing that Hatsune is doing; pleasing their master and doing their job. But if it starts to act weird, then we quickly throw it away. I must thank Crypton and Hatsune for giving me this message.

    • Seluna

      Same here, if I get a Vocaloid program, it’s staying for good.

  14. Luka Lemura

    I really need to stop crying every time I read these lyrics. They don’t seem like just lyrics to me…Poor Miku… .>_<.

  15. Luka Lemura

    I am totally done crying now…*sniffle* WHY, MIKU?! WHYYYY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO?! .>0<.

    • Miku didnt die she only died n ONE computer you see she has a mew game out and it got corrupt and they earased her and they are going ti remake here

  16. Patty

    This song inspired me to Never throw anything Vocaloid away T^T for miku`s sake

  17. Starcia

    She didn’t die she’s still alive I just heard her new song

  18. Selena

    Who can talk that quickly? *-*

  19. Seluna you play dragon nest? i do to!i play dragon nest NA though

    • Seluna

      Awww that sucks or we could try playing together. 🙁

  20. she didnt die. i think someone created a backup data for here. cause i saw her in youtube right now :3

  21. B. Violetta K. Eheinreich

    ;-; ;-;-;-;-;-;-;- INFINTE CRYS

  22. when i watched the vid to this song i wasnt awere of the lyrics but now i am awere i just want to cry

  23. Rina

    It’s a very sad song. i imagined, if the time comes and crypton will actually delete Miku… and there’s a countdown. and this song is playing in the background. i will definitely cry a million tears….

    • Seluna

      Let’s all hope that such a day will never come. 🙁

  24. Christopher

    One day an AI will actually say something like this, and not because a human told it to.

    • Seluna

      Yes, one day in the future, it will definitely happen.

  25. I knew before I rea

  26. Before I read this, I knew that the lyrics were sad, but now that I read it, I know it’s like SUPER sad. If I get Vocaloid, I’m NEVER going to delete it or get rid of anything vocaloid related. I already have a poster for it, and I love it. And I’ll keep loving it because of these lyrics.

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