I think the lack of updates is quite noticeable. Unlike what I previously said, it wasn’t because of NaNoWriMo. There was a change in my work situation and I became like busier starting from mid-November, and then after that I took part in the CBT of a new online game (新仙剑 Online) and a major project sucked all my time away. Sometimes I barely even remember to watch K. My NaNo… let’s not talk about that. ._.

Good news, I have more stability in my life now. Bad news, whenever there’s a big project at my work, I don’t have much time for myself, much less blogging. Well, not that I blog often anyway…

I’m looking forward to the holidays because of the amount of days I don’t have to work (hurray!), so a very happy holidays (merry christmas, happy yuletide, etc) to everyone!

PS. I’m gonna go dig out the snowing plugin and activate it for 2 weeks or so. Sorry if it causes the pages to lag. >.<