Due to certain reasons, company had to let go of a number of people and thus I’m unemployed now. To say it’s not a shock to me is lying, especially with how sudden it is, especially with the number of people whom I’m closer to who were also affected, and I am still coming to terms with it. To suddenly become unemployed without warning is quite an experience, I’ll say. One I will never ever want to experience again.

I have always been reluctant to talk about my work because of the possible problems it may bring me, but now it’s no longer an issue. I worked at a online game company which publishes and distribute games in the Southeast Asia region. I like my job, the working environment, the work I do and some of what I used to do (this part I shall not elaborate), and most of all, my colleagues. I already miss them now, actually.

This is a post dedicated to them, because I know that if I leave all this to my memory, I may forget, and I don’t want to. Facebook is there to prevent that, and there’s always MSN and Skype, but I would rather have something a bit more concrete.

Yan Qing, Gina and Alex, my mentors. Guang, Wendy, Joe, Casey, my closest colleagues for the longest time. Ken and Carol, 2 sweetest most passionate and hardworking people. Jeffrey, Ah Lian, Hui, Ah Haw, Chris, Pam, Shulin, Hui Ting, Patrick (both), Carol, Calvin, all colleagues for a long time now. Ah Siang, Sven, Denise, Annie, Ming, Chin Meng, Tracy, Hui Ting, LC, Kelvin, Wayne, Kaslyn, Jerome, Alvin (both), GK, Eugene, Joyce, Iris, Shian, Jeff, Halif, Peter, Chris (events), Liz, Jem, all I worked with or a bit more familiar with. And everyone else from CS, Product and others that I missed out.

I learned so much while working in the company, gained so much in every aspect I can think of. I’m grateful to all who had worked with me, helped me, cheered up my days, chatted with me, played games together with me, teased me, waved to me, smiled at me, held the door open for me or open it for me, nodded at me.

Some of you have already long left, or are leaving together with me, but all of you will be missed. I am glad, from the bottom of my heart, that I got this job and worked with all of you.

Singapore is a small place, may our paths cross again. I know some of us will meet again, definitely. For lunch, especially.