Just so happened that I was updating the applications in my HTC Flyer when I spotted the Soundhound application and decided to let it try identify a song I loved for a very long time, but didn’t know its title or its artist. For convenience’s sake, I had named it “All This Time” as the phrase was repeated many times.

Soundhound only listened for around 5 seconds of its vocals before giving me the song name : フロンティア by 中谷美紀. The song フロンティア is in Japanese, and as it turned out, the song I have is the English version that is named “All This Time”. (o_o;;) It seems I’ve already gotten the name right.

中谷美紀 – all this time

It’s a song that I have never grown tired of listening, unlike many other songs. It has a rather melancholic feel to it and the lyrics are a little sad. This type of songs appeal to me, I guess.

Lyrics: http://jetlyrics.com/viewlyrics.php?id=716433