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Some updates

Lately there’s some odd behavior with the blog, such as the index page randomly going down for short time due to too many redirect.

And when I poked around the past posts a bit more, I found that a bunch of posts have broken images (or maybe they were broken since a while back but I lost track of things and forgot to fix them).

Soooo, I’ll be spending a bit more time on the blog. However, the bulk of my focus will still be on my freelance work, Twitch streaming and gaming.

Speaking of that, I took a short break for FFXIV but I also have not been updating the FFXIV.SS series, have I? Hmmm…. I’ll go pick something soon. 😀

FFXIV.SS #08 – Otter Friend

(A short story that didn’t happen, but sure looks like it did.)
It happened a while back. We had a… disagreement. It was probably over something small.
But it got heated, and so he left.

Finally got my Abroader Otter! I’ve been wanting one since it was announced, and handed my partner (our FC’s voyage master) with the mission to bring it home. It took him a very long while, because we didn’t have a single submarine for our FC then. But thanks to his effort and with the help of the other FC mates, we are starting to get Abroader Otters now!

I immediately brought mine to a beach to take screenshots and got these ones. 😀 Plus a bonus photo!

Screenshot of the Abroader Otter on a rock on the beach of The Mist, with a photo frame.
(Continuation of the imaginary short story)
Today I opened the mailbox, and saw a single photo inside. No words, no addresses, just a photo. But I know, we are alright now.

A Little Lantern

When I think of myself as a streamer, I think of lights. Each streamer is a lamp, and some, are those huge ones that illuminated stadiums, some are the street lamps guiding paths, some are the disco lights of large friendly social spaces. All sorts of many different lights.

Myself, I think, is a lantern in wood cabin near a quiet forest and field (a very western imagery, despite me being thoroughly Asian). Something like the one in this photo.

Photo by Amber Wolfe on Unsplash

It lights up a cozy space for family and friends, and any who comes in and stays a while. The lantern itself (me, not the one in the photo) runs on limited fuel and needs replenishing ever so often. It tries hard to keep steady but sometimes it gets a little excitable, sometimes a little dim and not energetic. Not the most reliable, but it tries.

The cabin is out and away from cities, far from people. Somehow people do come by, but they leave quickly, for one reason or another. A few visits time and again, and their presence makes the lantern to burn a little brighter, a little warmer and a little longer.

The lantern wishes to stay lit for those few who, for reasons the lantern does not understand, comes back to the cabin. Sometimes the lantern wonders, is there anything that can be done to get more people to come by or stick around more? Maybe, it has some assets it could make use of, but the lantern is a little stubborn about changing to become something else it is not, and for people coming for the wrong reason.

So the lantern will keep burning its little flame for the little cabin and its precious few. Maybe the cabin will be decorated a little at times, maybe more tidying could be done here and there, or a little more features added… but the lantern will not change.

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoAmber Wolfe

FFXIV.SS #07 – Orbonne Monastery 02

I wanted to post this set of screenshots weeks ago, after this set, but couldn’t quite managed to get myself to sit down and edit them until now.

These are the screenshots with my character in Orbonne Monastery, and is less about the scenery and more about the mood. Feels like my character went on an adventure to an amazing place, doesn’t it?

FFXIV.SS #06 – Orbonne Monastery 01

I happened to chance upon a Twitter post for a player organized event in FFXIV, where the objective is to enter Orbonne Monastery for the sole purpose of taking screenshots. It would be interesting, I thought, and it was always such a pity that in usual raid runs, we couldn’t stop to admire the scenery. So I signed up, and had more fun than I expected.

We went in unsynced with a total of 11 people and it went kind of smoothly at first. Then some time into the second boss fight, certain mechanics made it so much harder by killing two out of three alliance due to not having enough people to deal with it properly. Still, we managed to defeat them and the third boss, and then it was free time to take screenshots until the timer runs out and we could leave at any time.

For this post, I picked these four screenshots for the atmosphere they portrayed, and did some slight editing (basically just applying filters) to bring out the colors. Next week I’ll post another five screenshots. 😀 This time, with my character in them.

FFXIV.SS #05 – Couple

Happened to have a tender moment with my chocobo partner, who match my Red Mage clothes beautifully.

Screenshot taken when I was in Ala Mhigo area, doing my level 80 Red Mage job quest. The sky is just gorgeous in this game.

PS. I’ll try to remember to post more regularly.

FFXIV.SS #04 – Fly me to the Moon

Some time ago, got my pig with wings during a beautiful night.

This screenshot was taken around a month ago, when I was doing Pixie Beast Tribe quests.

FFXIV.SS #03 – Good friend

FFXIV.SS #02 – Bahamut

Image of the top-half of Bahamut suspended in the distance in a huge cavern space, together with machines of Allagan origins.
After many years, finally took in this scene of Bahamut through my own character’s eyes.

Posted a bit late for last week’s FFXIV.SS, because last week was a bit of a chaos for me.

FFBE: War of the Visions (JP) upgrade systems quick reference

*Update on 1 Aug 2020:
I have actually stopped playing FFBE: WOTV a while back, before the Global version was released. I do not intend to edit the guide for the Global version nor update it to include newer things, but I think I’ll at least get the images up fully within the next few weeks.

This post is a quick reference mostly for myself because I struggle to remember where to get the different types of materials.

Names of the materials are kinda directly translated, I don’t know what their actual English names are or what other guides/wikis are using.

If you’re looking for an English guide, there’s this one:
FFBE WOTV Beginner Guide

*deep breath* Alright, here goes.

Introducing “FFXIV.SS” project

FFXIV.SS is short for “FFXIV Screenshots” and it’s a mini personal project that I just started.

I noticed that I have been taking a lot of screenshots but not sharing them much. Partly I wasn’t sure which platform I wanted to share them to, consistently. Then I remembered, I could just post them here and post links to social media instead. 😀

So basically, I’ll try to share at least one screenshot a week that is taken in FFXIV. That’s it. I don’t want to set any requirements or limitations, just 1 screenshot a week. It can be a screenshot taken years ago or a minute ago, can be edited for dramatic effect or completely unedited, can be a series of screenshots or just a single one, anything goes. No scheduled date or time. I can share more than once a week if I feel like it too.

These posts will be tagged with FFXIV.SS. I’ll see if I can make a gallery out of them somehow but that’s for later down the future.

FFXIV.SS #01 – Sleeping under the Stars

Image of a purple-haired Viera lounging on a bed perched in a tree, with a night sky with stars in the background. Character's head is tilted, looking towards the camera.
Where better to sleep on a flying bed, but under the blanket of stars.
(Magicked Bed gifted to me by my partner)

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