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Cute kitty marching band video to cheer anyone up

I first spotted a tumblr-capture of this video from The Adult Side of Tumblr.‘s video and found myself smiling from the first kitty to the last.

I suspect I’ll come back to this post to watch the video again when I’m feeling down in the future. 🙂

Playing: Rabi Tobi (ラビとび)

Update (22nd March 2019) : Rabi Tobi game service ended on 29 September 2016. :<

But, I found a new link to the Rabi Tobi Collections mini-game!! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to check it out!

Lately, while I’m still trying to get Cream-san and Cafe-san in Neko Atsume, I’ve also been trying out a few other games. The newest and cutest of them all is this very new mobile game called  “Rabi Tobi (ラビとび)” or “Jumping Rabbit” that was just released on 4th September, and I really want to write about and share this game with everyone.


I first spotted the game made by Japanese developer Cygames, Inc. on QooApp blog about its Pre-Register bonus. One look at the images showing the beautiful storybook style ingame art and how it’s played, and it had all of my interest (you know, other than the fact that cute animals are one of my biggest weakness).

Look how cute the art and that rabbit is!!

jumpRabbit1 jumpRabbit2

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This flash game is my new MMO drug, seriously. Featuring cute mice going against all odds to get cheese and bring it back to their hole, this is the game I play the most after I quit playing Facebook games. I got into it after watching the video below on Kotaku.

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